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About Us

The Initiative

An online platform for conversations about social topics that interest and concern the UAE and GCC societies

We aim at creating a mind-shift that fosters adding value and contributing positively to the society’s development, by organizing discussions that are moderated by us, and suggested by you.

We make sure the facts are laid out to achieve clarity and credibility of the discussion content.

All of the above can be best achieved by your involvement.

So, let us hear from you!

The Founder’s Message

I greatly enjoy reading people’s thoughts and opinions about topics ranging from education, to the right dress code, on the various social network platforms. I also find the interactions around those thoughts to be quite enlightening. So I asked myself – how could we create maximum benefit and impact from such positive social engagement?

Numerous people have valuable opinions and ideas that others are curious about. By joining voices to encourage knowledge transfer, and increase the understanding of our unique society, we will be able to create real impact and collectively “make our own “ding” in the universe”.

I have a passion for knowledge, and strive to make a positive contribution to the world. I am very sure that many of you share my goal.

I hope that we can come together, engage in stimulating discussions, and serve our country as proactive and responsible citizens.

Alanoud A Madhi

Our Topics
This is the range of topics we focus on in our discussions



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